Where Taos Artists have come to have their finest works shipped for over 25 years




We use only the best and most experienced small parcel domestic and international carriers in the business. We have relationships established with Federal Express, UPS, and the US Postal Service. We will carefully select the right carrier for your shipment.


We, along with our independent drivers, load items and wrap them in moving pads. The driver helps us load, drives the truck, unloads the items, and places them inside to your satisfaction. We believe that this is the most eceonomical way to move a shipment of several items. Of course, the shipment is fully covered by our declared value program. Call Taos Crating at 575-758-3587 for more information. 


We have a wide variety of options for your international shipments. Whether you need it there overnight or in 4 weeks, Taos Crating can make it happen.