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Phone: 575-758-3587

Fax:     575-751-9270


Business Account Drop and Run

At Taos Crating, our business account holders enjoy the convenience of dropping off items for shipping and or packing & shipping. There is no need to bring cash and no waiting for the check-out process - we invoice at the end of each month. You cut one check to Taos Crating.

Services include:


Shipping: FedEx Ground

               FedEx Express, FedEx Overnight, 2Day,

              UPS Ground & AIR


Already have an on-line account with one of the major couriers?

If so, how do you know you are getting the best rate for each package? As your strategic business partner, Taos Crating provides competitive and comparative pricing among the major couriers, UPS, UPS Express Services, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and large Freight Express services. Need to schedule a full truckload? Call us, no shipment to big or too small-we handle it all.

And what about making a claim? It's not that easy for a small business that has a busy schedule. Any trouble with a package and Taos Crating is on it. We handle any claims so you don't have to. That is our job.

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